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We are a software company and our mission is to push the boundaries for intelligent organizations.

We build on decades of experience in Enterprise IT and have been among the first cloud adopters. Our single focus is how to apply leading AI and ML algorithms to create significant competitive advantages.


Please find our solution portfolio below.

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Forecast business outcomes easily and accurately using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Create predictions for any type of time series, for any industry. Deliver high-quality forecasts to all business functions.


Quickly and easily generate data that looks and feels like your actual business. Generated high quality data in an instant, with a few mouse clicks. Drive your IT initiatives with speed and at low costs, while being fully compliant with legal requirements and building trust with your users and community.


Automatically detect and explain issues in your enterprise data. Databoss reduces overall data downtime and helps create trust in your data. Be the first to know and to resolve data problems. Detect sophisticated and complicated errors that slip through simple hard-coded rules and checks.


Design, manage and run your custom cloud environment on any hyperscaler platform. Simplify cloud operation, automate tasks and keep resource consumption fully elastic. Retain flexibility and avoid vendor lock-in through a fully portable control plane.


AI Discovery Platform, targeted at three focus markets:


Manufacturing Patterns

Empower process and asset experts with advanced analytics to analyze, monitor, and predict the operational performance of batch, grade, and continuous manufacturing processes. Optimize product and process quality.

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Analyze usage patterns for IoT-enabled products and devices. Uncover hidden usage patterns to optimize product features and create new data-driven services. Make patterns visible that allow you to understand, describe and predict customer behavior with mathematical precision.

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Business Patterns

Optimize your business and make smarter decisions with next-gen business analytics. Find hidden structures and relationships in your business data and build a truly intelligent business. Eliminate inefficiencies across all business processes.

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