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Flexibly adapting to new business models, a constant stream of innovations, and extreme scalability continue to challenge even the most advanced enterprises. Winners today are reinventing how to use technology to their advantage. A first-class Enterprise Data Cloud is at the heart of this transformation.

We help you build and deploy Data + Intelligence Systems:

We are with you in all stages of your journey!

Cloud Service Packs.

Fixed time, fixed price, no risk.

Data platforms for advanced analytics in the cloud are not trivial, their requirements change, and innovations keep being pushed to market non-stop. No wonder these projects come with significant risks.

To make your cloud journey more predictable, we have created pre-configured scenarios that can be customized and deployed with fixed time and fixed price. Our Cloud Service Packs help you tame the complexity of the cloud and eliminate risk.

When to use ..

Demo Lab

Configure a scenario from pre-defined building blocks to gain hands-on experience


Low risk prototyping to ensure solutions meet requirements


Rapid delivery of a prototype solution that can be iterated to a production capable solution

This helps you to …

Build with speed

Preconfigured templates for all components and scenarios can be deployed in minimal time, including integration and wiring/glue code. All the power of the cloud available to you – now.

Build with confidence

Service packs incorporate the solution to many technical problems that otherwise would make an already challenging task even more challenging. Service packs eliminate substantial risks.

Innovate faster

Getting to a working deployment in minimal time allows you to focus on functionality and business objectives. Out-innovate your competition with the latest technology.

Scale Bigger

Start small but scale up on demand. With the right foundation and an integrated architectural approach, your solution is web-scale from the start.

Our Expert Skills

The cloud creates a level playing field: virtually everything is available via a simple mouse click. The most sophisticated enterprises no longer hold competitive advantages: all the latest tools and technologies can be instantly deployed on the cloud.

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